Empire guild from Myth War Missouri Server!(California)
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 Empire guild RULES!

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Heavy Boki
Heavy Boki

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PostSubject: Empire guild RULES!   Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:23 pm

We have some easy rules! :D
- don't PK your guildie or if you do it you will be kicked from guild!!! (you can if you ask the leader and she/he say "ok u can" (now leader is: Heavy_Boki)
- if you scam or hack someone then you will get kicked from guild and we avertise one gm (game master)!!!
- if you don't come online more then 2 week then u will be kicked from guild!!!(you won't if you say to leader before you come online last time)
- try to be active and don't cheat!!!
- if the leader say something what you can do and you don't then you will get kicked from guild!!!
- RESPECT others!!!!

Thanks for understanding!!! Have fun and a very good day!!! 🤡

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Empire guild RULES!
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